Your Clicker

A customizable clicker game

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Your Clicker

{{name}} stats

{{name}}s per second:

  • {{ + " " + name + " " + "+" + x.addedMPS + " " + name + "s" + " " + "per second"}}
  • buy: {{x.defaultPrice}}

How to use

type in anything into the input around the top to add the name of your clicker. Somewhere else near the top is where you can select a color theme.

How to play

This game is a "clicker-style game". If you don't know what that means then check out this list:

  • Rules:
  • you have your current money(or whatever you named your clicker game) and your current money per second
  • if you buy something you current money goes down and your money per second goes up depending on what you bought
  • the goal of this game is nothing. Yep